Top 3 Kinds Of Beehives For Beekeeping

There are different types of the beehive that you can choose when you want to start beekeeping but for some, this can be a tedious task. First, you need information about how the type of the beehive should be constructed, what are the pros and cons, and other small things that could definitely contribute much to your decision to begin this fun activity. With the vision to provide our readers the well-informed articles before they make the investment we gathered helpful informative materials for you to assist your needs, so check them out below:

1. The Ten-Frame Langstroth

If you are thinking about boxes stacked together then that is the Langstroth Beehive in which bees are able to cultivate nest on the bottom of it and they will consume the box and put their honeyinto it. This is considered the global standard of beekeeping that you will find in a traditional way of how commercial beekeepers produce honey because it supports the convenience and availability of supply, however, this is too bulky and consumes a lot of space so if you have limited backyard then this could be a big issue. In addition to that, bees that live in here may suffer health concerns since it only provides the artificial size of cells that could be disturbing for bees. Once set up, you do not likely to lift it and switch somewhere else since it is heavy so it is designed to be fixated on its place.

2. The Eight Frame Langstroth

This bit smaller than the ten-frame mentioned above but with lighter weight. The assembling task might be familiar already if you have discovered the ten-framed since this one is just the smaller structure of it but aside from it could not be interchanged with the ten-frame this hive is just fine. You could pick this if you want to start something more convenient and easier to lift since it allows adequate production of honey if you are intended for personal use.

3. The Warré Beehive

This neat and unique house design is vented with a roof covering that allows ultimate management of and with some strong build base foundation on its bottom, this is the best beehive that had truly gained popularity among beekeepers out there since it requires less inspection and allows you to detach the frames easily. Some may even have the built-in key flows for easy and convenient harvest but just remember to put some protective screen layers below for predators that could harm your bees plus the size and the design of the beehives is best for extreme weather conditions. The thing is, some areas considered this system of beekeeping as illegal and needs some movable comb beehives but apart from that, this beehive is all good.

The important thing to remember when you decided to invest in beekeeping is to start with small then expand it all through as go on. If at the middle of the venture, you think it is not something for you, then you had less lose but we truly wished you can keep this hobby and enjoy since honey is a very vital for human consumption and good for the skin. You can get benefit of having a ready supply for your family whenever you need them.