Top 5 Beehives Below 200 Dollars

Interested in honey bee production but does not know where to find a great deal for beehives? Then we have you covered with the beehive listed below which price ranges below 200 dollars!

1. Niteangel Wooden Beehive, Bee House, 6.1” x 6.1” x 5.5”

If you are on look for a neat and safe place for bees this summer, then you can get the Niteangel Wooden Beehive. Its tube is from bamboo that makes it a lovely structural home for bees as it is cool and it can be hung on trees then you get assured that you have some honey once the bees are started to move in and nested on the beehive. The tubes are not glued so you can remove it but if you prefer it to be attached to the beehouse then you can have it glued.

2. Official Flow Super Classic Cedar 7 Frame – beehive super featuring patented Flow tech, fits a 10 frame Langstroth style hive

This item is both ideals for bees and the beekeeper. It is crafted to keep bees from getting squashed while provides convenient honey-harvest for the beekeeper. When you need to harvest some honey, you have to inject the key flow of the cells and the honey, tilt or hang it a little bit and the honey will just pour into the container so it is a lovely invention that also takes care of the bees.

3. Happybuy 7Pcs Auto Flow Comb Beehive Frames Kit Raw Auto Flow Honey Plastic Flow Honey Beehive Beekeeping with 7 Harvest Tubes (7Pcs)

This product provides less stress for honey harvest time and with this ideal colony home for bees, you can get the best tasting honey and this is super easy to assemble. True to its name, you will really get happy just as the other customers who had already bought this item for a beehive and we can simply recommend this.

4. Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit (10 Deep and 10 Medium) with Metal Roof for Langstroth Beekeeping

The beehive package comes with 10 pcs of frames, bottom board, queen excluder, and inner cover that you can set up together for the premium quality honey production all year round. The description of the items once you check it out after delivery is just as what you had read and expected it to be so there were fewer chances to get disappointed with this beehive.

5. Complete Bee Hive Kit, Painted, Assembled, 10-Frame, Made In The USA

This beehive has a dimension that measures 22-inch length by 18-1/2-inch width by 13-1/7-inch height and is already set up for your convenience while you are assured that the bees will be happy in there. The quality, convenience, and suitability of any weather condition making it the best deal for those who are just starting with honey bee production or already had been into this activity for a long time.

One last word, honey bee production can be so rewarding, fun, and educational if you have the right beehive to start with. The above list is just perfect for colonies to live healthily and produce honey either for consumption or commercial so try them out!